Welcome to ICMteaching.com. An educational resource for Intensive Care Medicine and Intensive Care Ultrasound.

This site is designed for anyone who is interested in Intensive Care Medicine and Intensive Care Ultrasound. The site will eventually cover a wide range of topics in Intensive Care Medicine and Ultrasound in some detail.
The Intensive Care Ultrasound components will cover echocardiography (ranging from the beginner to advanced practitioners), lung ultrasound, fast scanning, abdominal ultrasound and venous ultrasound. It will cover the competencies from the joint document by the ICS, RCOA and AAGBI for echocardiography, thoracic, vascular and abdominal ultrasound and the Royal College of Radiologists for critical care, emergency and thoracic ultrasound (for non-radiologists). There are detailed notes to help pass the BSE TTE accreditation exam as well as more in depth information on critical care echo. There is also a large section on lung ultrasound.

All ultrasound images and clips have been obtained by me from critically ill patients unless otherwise stated.

The Intensive Care topics are designed to range from what a new starter in intensive care would need to know, to those who are black belt level. Much of it will be useful for exams such as the FFICM, FRCA, EDIC and BSE TransThoracic Echo (TTE) accreditation.
Most systems in the navbar (menu) contain a page of summaries of trials relevant to Intensive Care. Each specific topic includes the evidence base where possible. I must acknowledge the journal ICM monitor (which I suggest you subscribe to) for making this much easier than it would otherwise be.
The differing levels presented unashamedly reflect my areas of interest. The site is under constant development so do look back from time to time. Any comments, suggestions and pointing out of mistakes will be gratefully received. If you would like to contribute to the site then send me anything you like and if it is good enough to get in your authorship will be acknowledged.

The content of the site is composed of notes I have made over several years (and I cannot remember the sources for all of it). I have made every effort not to plagiarise and to acknowledge material where appropriate. If I have inadvertently done so I apologise - please point it out to me.

It should go without saying that I will accept no liability for how you use the information here. It is your job to check it is correct, use it sensibly and operate within your competence levels.