The textbook I would recommend for a good introduction to echo and for passing the exam is:

Making Sense of Echocardiography by Andrew Haughton

Just the right amount of detail to not be overwhelming yet still comprehensive.

The exam course I recommend is the
Midlands ECHO exam prep course. Brilliant.

Please note that the figures quoted in the tables in the following pages deliberately concentrate on normal and severely abnormal values while often excluding mild and moderate ranges. In my opinion learning the figures I have included is manageable whilst learning all the rest is not. The exam will usually give severely deranged numbers rather than asking you to distinguish between mild and moderate (you will have to distinguish between all the visual grades of LV function but this is from eyeballing rather than numbers). If you can manage it, by all means, learn them all. I passed easily knowing only the figures I include. Please refer to the BSE posters for the complete range of values for
chambers and valves.