Critical Care Echo

The knowledge required for the standard TTE exam and the Critical Care Echo accreditation is mostly the same. For you to make your echocardiography really effective for critically ill patients you will need to know the information in the following pages. I cannot recommend highly enough the book 'Haemodynamic Monitoring Using Echocardiography in the Critically Ill' by Daniel De Backer, Bernard Cholley, Michel Slama, Antoine Veillard-Baron and Philippe Vignon. These pioneers have led the way in echo in critical illness. Most of my notes are based on their work.

You can buy their book by clicking on this image:

Other recommended books can be found

TTE exam for more info on echo physics and basic measurements.

LV systolic function

Fluid responsiveness


RV dysfunction

Pulmonary oedema



Atrial fibrillation